Work Breakdown Structure

Work package 0: Management and Coordination of the Project

  • Financial Coordination
  • Project & Administrative Management

Work package 1: Risk Assessment Formulations and Methodology

  • Benchmarking Risk Assessment Methodologies and Tools
  • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • RAMPART Risk Assessment Methodology Specifications

Work package 2: RAMPART Risk Assessment and Cost/Benefit Methodology Definition

  • Key Assets Inventory
  • Definition of Assets Value and Impact
  • Countermeasures Identification and Cost/Benefit Methodology Definition

Work package 3: RAMPART Toolbox Development and Validation

  • RAMPART Risk Assessment Tool Development
  • RAMPART Impact Assessment Tool Development
  • RAMPART Cost/Benefit Tool Development
  • RAMPART Methodology and Toolbox Validation

Work package 4: Exploitation and Training

  • Training Methodology and Materials
  • RAMPART Toolbox Workshop
  • Project Dissemination and Exploitation